Using RCB cards is not just easy and convenient,
it is also secure

With additional security features, we strive to ensure that your debit and credit cards are protected against any unauthorized use. 

3D Secure service

RCB 3D Secure service with Visa Secure and Mastercard ID Check provides maximum protection against unauthorized use of the banking card when making online payments. This additional feature is free of charge and is available to all Mastercard and Visa cardholders of RCB Bank Ltd.

When shopping online through a merchant’s website that supports 3D Secure technology, the cardholder will be asked to confirm the transaction either by using RCB Digital Key powered by Entrust application or one-time password (OTP), sent via SMS to cardholder by RCB.

RCB Digital Key and/or SMS-Notice service can be activated/updated in person at any of the Bank’s branches or via RCB Telephone Banking.

1. Enter your card details in the payment window.

2. You will be automatically redirected to the secure website of RCB Bank. At the same time, the Bank will send you a push notification in the Entrust application to confirm the transaction. In some rare cases you may still receive an one-time password via SMS (the password remains valid for three (3) minutes).

3. Open Entrust application on your mobile device, verify the details of the payment and confirm the action using RCB Digital Key or by entering the password provided by SMS in a designated window on the Bank’s website. If the password was not entered correctly, the Bank will forward a new password to you.

4. Once the action is confirmed with RCB Digital Key or with the one-time password (OTP), the payment is completed and you will be redirected back to the merchant’s website.

After three (3) consecutive failed password attempts, you will not be able to pay with your banking card on any merchant’s website supporting 3D Secure technology. In the meantime, the card can be used for any other transactions including withdrawal of cash through ATM, purchasing of goods and services via POS-terminals etc. In order to reactivate 3D Secure service, you will need to contact RCB Telephone Banking.

Please note that online payments via websites that do not support 3D Secure service are processed in a standard way and do not require a confirmation with RCB Digital Key or one-time password (OTP).

3D Secure technology is offered to cardholders under the Visa Secure and Mastercard ID Check global programs. The following logos are usually displayed on the websites participating in the program:


Payment card security measures

These simple rules will enable you to significantly reduce the risk of the unauthorized use of your card and will help monitor your card account more effectively.

  • Before signing a point-of-sale terminal receipt or entering your PIN, always check the card transaction amount and all data provided on the receipt.
  • If you have lost or forgotten your PIN, please contact the Bank and your card will be replaced. Check your monthly statement regularly. If you find any discrepancies, please contact the Bank.
  • We advise you to register for the SMS Notice service, so that you can obtain timely notification of card transactions and permanently monitor the statement of your account.
  • If you receive a message about a transaction that you have not authorized, or you suspect that the card or some of its details have been compromised, please call RCB Telephone Banking immediately, using the telephone number shown on the reverse of your card, and, if necessary, block the card.
  • Keep your card and your PIN separately.
  • Never disclose your PIN to third parties, including family, friends, employees of the Bank, cashiers or other individuals.
  • If you need to enter your PIN in order to perform a transaction, please enter it in a way to ensure that no one sees the number (use your hand to cover the keypad of the ATM or POS terminal).
  • Do not use your PIN when ordering goods and/or services online, or by telephone or fax.
  • Do not hand your card to third parties. If the card bears an individual’s name and surname, only that individual has the right to use that card.
  • In order to reduce the risk of unauthorized transactions, set daily limits for the card that do not exceed your daily requirements. If you need to carry out transactions involving large sums, you can always adjust your limit temporarily to allow you to pay the required amount during the required period.
  • For security reasons, restrictions apply when using your card in the USA and some countries within Asia and Africa. If you are planning to visit countries in these regions, please contact the Bank via RCB Telephone Banking in advance to learn about the restrictions in force. Upon your confirmation, the restrictions will be lifted from your card for the period of your travel.
What to do if your card is lost/stolen?

If your card is lost or stolen, contact the Bank as quickly as possible by calling RCB Telephone Banking, and request to block your card.

We advise you to keep a record of the telephone number for RCB Telephone Banking provided on the reverse of your card.