A transaction feature allowing cardholders to withdraw cash from their card account during a purchase at a store, at no additional fee.


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Purchase with cash withdrawal at RCB POS terminals

Cash@POS service improves shopping experience, as it offers consumers the opportunity to obtain cash at the merchant point of sale, without the need to search for an ATM.

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Features and benefits
  • Reduces cash handling operational costs
  • Provides value-added service to both merchants and consumers
  • Improves customer experience
  • No cash withdrawal fee for the cardholder
  • No more searching for an ATM
  • Saves clients' time, as they can combine purchasing and withdrawal transactions
  • Safe and convenient way to obtain small amount of cash
How does it work?

By tapping a debit card during a purchase, the RCB POS terminal provides the option of cash withdrawal, up to €100, while merchants can define specific amounts for further convenience (i.e. €20, €50) and speed up the checkout process.

Step 1

Make a card purchase at an RCB POS

Step 2

POS recognises Cash@POS card eligibility

Step 3

Select the option for cash withdrawal

Step 4

Choose a withdrawal amount

Step 5

Enter your card PIN

Step 6

Receive your money from the cashier