Safe and convenient solutions allowing electronic payments from consumers to merchants over a website or mobile app, using payment links or buttons, and via custom integrations of merchant systems directly to RCB payment platforms.

Designed to facilitate online payments and provide an improved customer experience.

Key features

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RCB payment gateway

Payment platform designed to help merchants accept online payments and deliver a seamless payment experience.

  • Integrated payment page or hosted merchant plugin
  • Convenient, safe and fast check-out
  • Accept most major debit and credit cards
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) or multicurrency solution that allows international customers to pay in the currency of their choice
Safe Paylink

RCB SafePayLink is a payment solution using email or sms messages that allows cardholders to make easy and fast payments remotely.

A fast, simple and secure service that eliminates chargebacks of fraud.

Can be easily adjusted at your own environment.

Can be used for billing, invoicing, bookings, B2B payment orders, subscriptions etc.


When a Payment Order is created by the merchant, an email or sms with a payment button is sent to the cardholder.

The payment button is a unique link, which redirects the cardholder to RCB Payment Gateway Page in order to complete the payment by inserting card details.

BillPay Solution

RCB BillPay is a payment handling platform that is developed for bulk distribution of payment order links integrated directly into the merchant’s billing system or website. It provides an opportunity to instantly mark a bill paid online.

RCB BillPay can be customized in order to host any type of organization or multi-payment offerings (one time, recurring, standing order, on demand etc.).

It is linked to RCB Payment Gateway that can be integrated through API to any accounting system or any website but also can work as a standalone solution.

Through this platform the users are able to create SafePayLink card payment orders and send them by email or sms allowing the cardholder to make fast, easy and secure payments.