Utility bill payments
  • Save money and time - no need to stand in queues to settle a bill.
  • No more reliance on service provider working hours - pay at your own convenience.
  • A payment is processed quickly - as soon as you pay a bill, you will receive the confirmation of the payment.
Pay for utilities with your RCB card using JCC Smart

Once you have registered with JCC Smart payment portal, you can pay for the following services remotely.

Common expenses

Electricity and water supplies

Mobile and internet communications

Road Tax

Educational establishments

Insurance companies


State and municipal services

The list of available services is constantly expanding. You can obtain a full list at the JCC Smart website.

Cardholders support

Our team is here to help you, daily from 8:00 to 20:00 (CY time), including weekends and public holidays in Greek, English, Russian

Card blocking 24/7

 From abroad: +357 25 355 722

Toll free calls:

 In Cyprus: 800 00 722

 In Luxembourg: 800 62 722

 In Russia: 8 800 100 7722