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An account can be opened with RCB Bank Ltd either individually or jointly by several account owners (joint accounts).

The Bank will request a face-to-face meeting with an individual who has applied to open an account and who is authorized to operate a bank account. The Bank reserves the right to request documentation / information it considers necessary in order to fulfil its commitment to perform a complete “Know Your Client” check on its clients.

More information can be obtained at the Bank’s branches or by phone.

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RCB Bank offers banking packages for individual clients, providing greater flexibility in managing finances.

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month or Free


RCB Starter

RCB Starter package covers basic banking needs, such as receiving and sending money.

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Why RCB Bank?
  • RCB Bank is one of the largest banks by assets size in Cyprus
  • The Bank’s financial sustainability has been tested over time
  • The Bank offers its clients a wide range of products and services, ranging from classic transactional banking services and deposit products to integrated private capital management solutions
  • RCB Bank Ltd offers premium service level to its clients
  • The Bank uses state-of-the-art banking solutions, high standards and cutting-edge technology to serve its individual clients, reflecting the best practices in Europe’s leading banks
  • Clients can access banking services remotely through modern and convenient channels such as RCB Online BankingRCB Mobile Banking and RCB Telephone Banking