RCB Classic

Offers a free euro-denominated account for your everyday banking needs. Other products or services are charged only if used.

Pay for products and services as and when used

No relationship maintenance fee. If the average monthly balance* on all accounts is lower than 20.000 EUR or monthly card purchase turnover is lower than 1.000 EUR, a monthly charge of 5 EUR applies.

Free services:
  • One Euro denominated account
  • Internal transfers (within the Bank) through RCB Online Banking and RCB Mobile Banking
  • Inward SEPA and SWIFT transfers
  • Execution of SEPA Direct Debit
  • Cash withdrawals from ATMs of RCB
  • Free cash withdrawals in EUR from RCB ATMs and up to 2 monthly from each account at any other bank

*The average monthly balance including fixed deposits and notice accounts is calculated as the sum of daily credit balances (at the beginning of each day) in all client’s accounts with the Bank during the month, divided by the number of calendar days in the respective month.

RCB Cards

Enjoy access to your bank account by using RCB Mastercard and Visa cards.


Looking for savings options?
Fixed Term Deposits

Enjoy convenient and reliable way of saving

RCB Notice Accounts

Benefit from attractive interest rates for short term savings

RCB First

Plan for the future of your children with RCB First scheme

RCB Mobile Banking

Safe, fast and convenient service providing access to your bank accounts 24/7.

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RCB Online Banking

Manage your finances securely with RCB Online Banking 24/7 from the comfort of you location.

RCB Telephone Banking

Our dedicated expert team provides first level support and assistance by phone. We speak Greek, English and Russian.

Mobile Payments

Easy and secure way to pay with your mobile phone around the world. RCB Digital Wallet app for Android devices or Apple Pay for Apple users, set it up and start making payments on the go.

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