RCB Bank Ltd has taken a decision to transform the bank into a regulated asset management company, shifting away from banking operations, which will be phased out. Although RCB remains abundant in liquidity and capital, the on-going and extremely volatile geopolitical situation requires it to transform and adopt a new strategy, while at the same time ensuring that the best interests of its clients are secured.

Our clients will be notified and requested to transfer their operations/deposits to other banking institutions in the coming months. In the interim period existing clients will be serviced as usual. We will continue to execute payments and transfers on instructions of our clients and enable their transition to other banks, processing card payments and acquiring services.

We encourage you to close your account with RCB at your earliest convenience, the relevant notification will be sent by the Bank shortly. Meanwhile, you can continue using your account normally until its closure. In order to close your account please contact your Relationship Manager or call RCB Telephone Banking.

No. Currently RCB ceases from entering into new business with clients with respect to new accounts, cards, chequebooks.

No, you can only withdraw money from your account. However, the loans or card credit limits repayments are possible.

You can withdraw money via banker’s draft, cheque, payment order. 

Yes, of course. In case of early termination the full amount of the deposit and interest for the period during which the amount was held by the Bank will be paid.


No. Currently RCB ceases from entering into new business with clients with respect to deposits and/or notice accounts.

No. Currently RCB ceases from entering into new business with clients with respect to loans.

You will continue repaying your loan in accordance with your contractual obligations.

Your RCB debit card will work normally until you close the account with us. With regards to credit cards, please note that you can not continue using your card if your balance is below 0.

The Bank will cancel all credit limits on cards. You will be able to use your cards only if you have your own funds available. The credit limit shall be repaid in order for you to continue using your card. Outstanding balance on your credit card needs to be settled by the 31st of March 2022.  In case the credit limit is not settled by the date, the Bank has the right to exercise the set of rights to close the outstanding balance using the available fund on the accounts of the client.

Yes, until further notice. 

The access to safe deposit boxes is provided normally. However, prolongations are not available.

All branches are working normally, Monday to Friday from 9 to 17.

Yes. RCB Acquiring is working normally with no interruptions.