RCB Digital Wallet

No need to carry a card or cash. Pay using your smartphone around the world.

  • Allows to add and use RCB Mastercard and Visa cards in digital form in the mobile device.
  • Works with Android smartphones with Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities.
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  • Possibility to register up to 10 RCB cards
  • Fast and easy payments - you do not have to enter the PIN code on the terminal
  • Security - only digital card details are used for the purchase
  • Full control - keep track of all your transactions performed using RCB Digital Wallet in your RCB card account statement
  • Convenience - no need to carry banking cards

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How does it work?

RCB Digital Wallet uses mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in Android smartphones to securely exchange data between the phone and a contactless payment terminal

Once the transaction is complete, you will receive notification in your device with payment details .

You can view your last ten (10) transactions in RCB Digital Wallet

Frequently Asked Questions

RCB Digital Wallet is a Mobile Payments app that allows you to set up your eligible personal or corporate RCB cards (Visa and Mastercard) on your Android phone(s) to make payments with your phone at any shop that accepts contactless payments using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Payments are fast and secure.

RCB Digital Wallet uses mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to securely exchange data between your phone and a contactless payment terminal.

RCB Digital Wallet is supported on different models of Android devices with operating systems of 7.0 or above that have NFC capability.

No, in order to use RCB Digital Wallet, NFC functionality should be switched on at your mobile device.

Launch application, login & tap to pay: Launch RCB Digital Wallet app and login either using a passcode or fingerprint (if supported by phone and activated in the app) before placing your phone on the terminal to perform a contactless transaction.

Please check the merchant's terminal for confirmation of your payment.

All RCB issued cards can be enrolled in RCB Digital Wallet to make mobile payments. A card status should be active and SMS-Notice service shall be connected to the card.

The digital card has a unique ID and it is a digital copy of your plastic card with the same parameters. It is created to ensure that payments executed with your phone are secure and your card details are safe. You will be able to see all transactions performed using RCB Digital Wallet in your card account statement.

You can make payments using RCB Digital Wallet at any merchant, in Cyprus and internationally, that accepts contactless payments.

Yes, you can use RCB Digital Wallet to process a refund just as you would with your physical credit or debit card. Launch RCB Digital Wallet app and login either using passcode or your fingerprint (if supported by phone and activated in the app) before putting the back of your phone to the contactless terminal for the refund to be processed.

No. RCB Digital Wallet is only available for mobile transactions made in contactless terminals in Cyprus and internationally.

RCB Digital Wallet can be run on different eligible Android devices at a time. You can use any of these to make mobile payments if they’re eligible.

If you enter your passcode incorrectly three (3) times when paying with your phone, the login to your RCB Digital Wallet will be locked automatically. You should call RCB Telephone Banking to unlock it.

If you lose your phone or suspect it has been stolen, contact RCB Telephone Banking to arrange for the card(s) linked to RCB Digital Wallet to be cancelled/blocked.

As Near Field Communication (NFC) does not require data/network connectivity, you don't need data/network connectivity all the time to make mobile payments. However, in order to ensure the correct continuous work of the app from time to time you will need to have a data/network connectivity.

No, your phone must be turned on to perform mobile payments.

Our Acquiring Services give you the ability to process all major credit and debit cards payments and provide your customers with more options to pay - these options include mobile payments with RCB Digital Wallet, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other applications. Contact RCB Acquiring Services team to discuss payment processing details.

You can delete your RCB card(s) from the app using simple tips in RCB Digital Wallet anytime. Alternatively you can call RCB Telephone Banking to disable your RCB card(s).

RCB Digital Wallet allows you to enroll up to 10 RCB Mastercard and Visa cards. You can select any of these in the app to make mobile payments.

Contact RCB Telephone Banking to report your card lost or stolen, we’ll arrange for the card to be blocked and replaced. We’ll also block it for mobile payments at RCB Digital Wallet.

We’ll send you a new card when your existing one is due to expire. Once you’ve received your new card, you can delete the old one in RCB Digital Wallet and enrol the new card the same way as the expired one.

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