RCB Online Banking

Manage your finances securely with RCB Online Banking 24/7 from the comfort of your location

Whatever the time and wherever you are

RCB Online Banking gives you the opportunity to obtain information about your accounts and bank cards, submit requests/applications and perform standard banking transactions conveniently and securely without visiting the Bank’s branches


RCB Online Banking uses a two factor security that relies on an access password and an additional RCB Digital Key


RCB Online Banking is available 24/7


Majority of transactions can be performed using RCB Online Banking


By saving the details of earlier transactions as templates, it just takes several clicks to repeat these transactions


Opportunity to perform deferred transfers or set up standing orders, making automatically routine transactions

Saving time:

No need to contact or visit the Bank’s branches

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Features and functionality

  • Check balance on accounts and bank cards
  • View account transaction history and the status of transactions
  • Search for available deposit schemes and interest rates
  • Check current loans and repayment schedules
  • Find exchange rates
  • Analyse your expenses and earnings using Personal Finance Management tools
  • Download statements for current account, credit cards and monthly statements for your investment portfolio
  • Customise and prioritise your products and dashboard
  • Access RCB Online Banking across multiple devices thanks to it responsive design

  • Transfer funds and schedule future transfers
  • Exchange currency
  • Top up balances on RCB bank cards and repay your credit installments instantly
  • Set up or amend standing orders
  • Open fixed-term deposits and manage them
  • Manage your beneficiaries list and create payment templates

  • Apply to issue, activate or block your primary or supplementary cards, issue chequebooks and banker’s drafts, stop cheques
  • Set up and manage lists of payees
  • Maintain two-way contact with the Bank via a secure messaging system
  • Change RCB Online Banking access passwords

  • Manage multiple accounts of different entities of a group or a holding with RCB Digital Key and user credentials
  • Compile payment orders and continue working on them subsequently at a later stage
  • Submit payment orders as a “package” with a special “Bulk payments” function. Transfers between client’s accounts, transfers in favour of other clients of the Bank and external payments are all possible under a Bulk payment
  • Set various authorization levels, dependent on the type of transaction and transaction's value  for more control over transactions, e.g. one authorized user can create a payment order while authorization from another authorized user(s)  is needed before such payment can be executed
RCB Digital Key

The RCB Digital Key powered by Entrust Identity mobile application is a convenient and secure way to confirm login and transactions. 

By downloading the Entrust Identity mobile application from either App Store or Google Play, the users of RCB Online Banking are able to confirm operations using Push notifications (Online mode) or OTP (Offline mode), which ensures an additional level of security.


RCB Online Banking uses modern and effective methods to protect information submitted online. All information is transferred via a special protected channel. In addition, the system contains additional security functions, such as:

  • Automatic system disconnection after a 10-minute period of inactivity
  • Opportunity to examine the dates and times of previous logons
  • Opportunity to change RCB Online Banking access passwords regularly
  • Opportunity to exchange messages with the Bank via RCB Online Banking’s protected channels
  • Opportunity to set up security questions