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19 October, 2020

RCB Bank wishes to inform that a colleague has been tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) and as a result the Bank took immediate action and activated all procedures that are fully in line with the protocols of the Health Authorities.

It is noted that the employee was not stationed at a branch and his duties do not involve providing any service to clients or the public at large. However, due to contact he and another positive colleague of his from the same department had with the Dasoupolis branch the last few days, and purely as a precaution, the Bank closed the said Branch in Nicosia so as to disinfect all areas and test all the employees to safeguard the health and safety of its clients and its human capital. The branch will be opening again tomorrow.

Our colleagues are under the medical supervision of their doctors and remain in quarantine. All employees that have come into contact with the said members of staff have been notified to stay at home and contact their doctors as they form part of the tracking of contacts that the authorities are conducting.

RCB Bank wishes them a quick recovery and has, since the beginning of the pandemic, been taking meticulous and strict measures to safeguard the safety of its human capital and its clients.