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Dr. Kirill Zimarin re-elected as President of the Association of International Banks in Cyprus

11 December, 2020

Dr. Kirill Zimarin, CEO of RCB Bank Ltd has been reelected to the Presidency of the Association of International Banks in Cyprus during the 18th Annual General Meeting that took place online this past Wednesday due to COVID-19 measures and the safety of all members. Dr. Zimarin, who has been President of the Association since 2008, will continue to chair the Association for the next two years.

Mr Adnan Nuwayhed of Banque SBA and Mr Ziad El-Morr of BLOM Bank have been elected as Vice Presidents. Following this year’s election process, the rest of the members of the new Board of Directors are the following: Mr Samer Boulos – Jordan Ahli Bank; Mr Khalil Letayf – Societe Generale; Mr Henry Awad – Byblos Bank; Mr Krassimir Velchev – FinBank; and Mr George Abi Chamoun - BankMed.

During his address, Dr. Zimarin referred to the problems arising from this unique global pandemic and which have of course had their impact not only on the economy of Cyprus but that of Europe and the world alike. “We look into the future with realism since 2021 will also present challenges for the banking sector and the market at large. We are however confident that the members of the Association will join the collective effort of the state and the market in restarting the economy and in preparing the ground for the return of growth.” He concluded his remarks by underlining the multifaceted work conducted these past years by the Association and its tangible impact on enriching Cyprus’ banking scene.

The Association of International Banks was set up in Limassol in 2002, with the aim of representing the interests of international banks in Cyprus. Since its inception, the Association has played a leading role with regards to issues affecting or otherwise impacting upon the international banking sector. The Association brings together 17 banks.