RCB Bank: Annual contribution to Melathron Agoniston EOKA

14 July, 2017

The Executive Director of RCB Bank Ltd Mr. Sotos Zackheos paid a visit to Melathron Agoniston EOKA, at Palodia, where he handed out an annual sponsorship under the Bank's Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

During a meeting with the Honorary President Mr. Andreas Angelopoulos, the Secretary Mr. Yiangos Charmanis and the Director Mr. Savvas Savvas, Mr. Zackheos expressed admiration for the valuable work done by the Board of Directors, the Management and staff and which enjoys wide recognition. Mr. Zackheos was given a tour to the Medical Centre, Rehabilitation Unit and Elderly Shelter of Melathron.

Mr. Charmanis described RCB Bank as a "blood donor" for Melathron and informed Mr. Zackheos about the expansion plans with a new building, which will include 32 beds, a modern physiotherapy centre and a radiology centre.