RCB Bank introduces biometrical customer identification methods to RCB Mobile Banking application

2 July, 2018

RCB Bank is upgrading its digital banking technologies for better user experience and introduces new biometrical customer identification methods in its RCB Mobile Banking application.

The biometrical customer identification methods Touch ID and Face ID for Apple devices and Fingerprint for Android devices are now available for quick and secure access to bank accounts. Face ID on iPhone X devices is a facial recognition technology, while Touch ID (for Apple devices) and Fingerprint (for Android devices) are fingerprint recognition technologies allowing RCB customers to login to RCB Mobile Banking. RCB Mobile Banking customers can use these biometric logins as an alternative to entering credentials for client identification purposes.

To activate these new features, the customer needs to download or update to the latest version of RCB Mobile Banking application from the App Store or Google Play. Biometric data (Fingerprint, Touch ID or Face ID) are not collected, accessed, processed or stored by the Bank or its mobile banking application.

The Head of Branch Network, Mr. Kyriacos Michaelides said that, while firmly grounded in the traditional banking market, RCB Bank understands the need for expansion of the range of its digital banking services. “In today’s fast-changing world, the internet and mobile devices have become core elements of people’s lifestyles and important channels for financial services. Further development of cutting edge digital payment solutions with convenient customer interfaces will be one of the pillars for Bank’s strategic development in the future”, Michaelides said.