RCB BANK LTD has gained leading position within Cyprus Banks Reliability Rating

28 November, 2014

RCB BANK LTD has gained the leading position according to November’s Cyprus Banks Reliability Rating organised by the financial portal Stockwatch among 500 households.

Banks Reliability Rating

Banks November' 13 November' 14
1 RCB BANK LTD 5.30 5.40
2 Hellenic Bank Public Company Ltd 5.40 5.20
3 Limassol Co-operative Savings Bank 5.35 5.20
4 Alpha Bank Cyprus Ltd 5.10 5.05
5 Eurobank Cyprus 4.85 5.05
6 USB Bank PLC 4.90 4.85
7 S.P.E. Strovolou Ltd 5.00 4.70
8 Piraeus Bank (Cyprus) Ltd 5.10 4.70
9 Cyprus Development Bank P.C.Ltd 4.65 4.45
10 Bank of Cyprus Ltd 4.00 4.25
  Average 4.97 4.89

“We are very grateful for the recognition of our high reliability ranking, and the quality of services provided by our Bank. We aim to not simply meet our clients’ requirements but excel in doing so, offering them a level of service higher than their expectations”, said Kirill Zimarin, Chief Executive Officer of RCB BANK LTD.

RCB BANK LTD was established on 1 August 1995 and is one of the largest financial institutions in Cyprus. The Bank operates branches in Nicosia, Limassol and Luxembourg. In September 2014, RCB BANK LTD received the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA) Award. The CIPA awards are won annually by dynamic and innovative international companies operating in Cyprus who achieve outstanding results and are leaders in the market segment or their industry. In November 2014, RCB BANK LTD has completed an equity capital increase by attracting a strategic investor; the Bank’s equity exceeds US$ 500 million. 

Cyprus Banks Reliability Rating is held regularly by RAI agency at the request of Stockwatch financial portal. 500 households participate in the opinion poll.