RCB Bank the main funder of the new Dodoni factory in Cyprus

28 September, 2016

Speaking during the inauguration of the new Dodoni factory in Cyprus, Mr. Panayiotis Loizides, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RCB Bank, expressed his satisfaction that an important investment in the Cyprus economy became a reality with the Bank’s support.

Noting that the investment relates to a productive sector of the economy that will also enhance exports, Mr. Loizides stated that this development is already having a positive impact on the real economy with the creation of new jobs, thus reducing unemployment and increasing productivity.

Underlining the excellent cooperation RCB Bank maintains with the European Investment Bank, Mr. Loizides stated that "This cooperation provides businesses, like the one inaugurated today, with access to low cost funding that allows investments to take place and improves their competitiveness". RCB Bank’s Chairman expressed his certainty that this cooperation that supports the real economy of Cyprus will continue with similar success in the future.

Wishing the management and members of staff of the new Dodoni factory in Cyprus every success, Mr. Loizides reiterated RCB Bank’s commitment in supporting Cypriot businesses in order for Cyprus to regain the position it deserves as a healthy and growing economy in the European Union.