RCB Bank is transforming payments landscape with the introduction of its Digital Wallet app for Android users

3 September, 2018

RCB Bank is pleased to announce that it has launched its RCB Digital Wallet application for mobile payments. RCB is the first bank in Cyprus to unveil a Digital Wallet for contactless mobile payments utilizing Visa Tokenization Services. The RCB Digital Wallet application allows customers to add RCB Visa credit and debit cards in digital form in the mobile device in a few simple steps and use it to pay in stores anywhere in the world with Android smartphones.

The Head of Digital Banking, Mr. Viktor Levytskyi commented: “We clearly see the global movement from plastic cards into mobile as the customers are spending more and more time with mobile devices, and now it is more common to forget a wallet at home rather than a mobile phone. The new RCB application will enhance smartphone capabilities by creating a simple and convenient way to make purchases worldwide.”

The new RCB application provides transparent, fast and secure way to pay worldwide, with an Android phone using mobile Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, at any shop that accepts contactless payments. The payments are even more secure than plastic card transactions, as the card details are not stored on the mobile device or transmitted during the payment. The use of additional security features for transactions confirmation, such as biometrical identification based on finger print, allows customers to have a complete peace of mind while making mobile payments.

RCB will continue to expand its strategic digital transformation program and deliver innovative solutions and services to provide the best user experience for its customers.