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RCB Bank’s CEO: Banking is an integral part of everyday life

9 December, 2021

Speaking at the 9th Banking Forum that took place in Nicosia yesterday, Dr. Kirill Zimarin, CEO of RCB Bank underlined the fact that the new age in banking is and should be an integral part of our everyday life. This is not a stagnant relationship, said Dr. Kirill Zimarin, but an evolving one. This did not remain unaffected by the pandemic since the latter accelerated the digital transformation process of both banks as well as many other facets of life.  

During his address, Dr. Zimarin presented the brand new Nicosia Banking Centre, whose opening forms part of a new step towards the new banking age. Through its unique and groundbreaking design, the Nicosia Banking Centre offers an extended area for customers that RCB Bank views as strategic partners. In this welcoming environment, the Nicosia Banking Centre caters for an array of meetings: from those of a more casual nature to more confidential one-to-one talks, to presentations of ideas and business plans, to even social events such as watching a sports game with partners. All these with the addition of an in-house barista for coffees and beverages that makes the overall experience even more enjoyable and productive. The addition of a 24/7 self-service area at the centre, whereby the majority of banking needs can be catered, even with the assistance of a live video call, in conjunction with the recently launched new website and the RCB Online Banking and RCB Mobile Banking platforms lead to a solid step in the new era for the sector.

Commenting on the way forward, Dr. Zimarin said that “Gone are the days where the image of a branch was that of tills and ques. We must think of banks as places where ideas can be discussed, plans examined and support is given for them to grow. Banks must be where the future of the real economy is discussed through innovative business projects and ideas by a new generation that constitutes the future of Cyprus and its economy. That is how we can reach further growth and that is how we can seek a higher quality of life”.

The opening of the new Nicosia Banking Centre and its array of areas and services are showcased by a new campaign with the slogan “Making Space for your ideas” starring Anna Vissi, whose concerts in aid of ‘Sophia for Children’ foundation the Bank has been supporting for years, Tasos Tryfonos whose successful talk show has been sponsored by RCB for many seasons, Pavlos Kontides the Olympic winner whose medal-winning efforts to fly the Cyprus flag high have been tangibly applauded since his early days and the future of Cyprus tennis on the international arena Stylianos Christodoulou whose noble aspirations have recently been shared by RCB Bank.


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