RCB Bank’s volunteers join effort to regenerate Solea forest

28 November, 2017

RCB Bank’s management and employees have reiterated their commitment to the “Making Cyprus Green” Campaign to support the massive effort for the environmental management and rejuvenation following the devastating forest fires at Solea in the Troodos Mountain region and Argaka in Paphos.

RCB’s volunteers, a team of management and staff, planted trees at a pre-selected location near the Forest Station of Agios Theodoros Soleas. As part of the donation, the aim is over time, to plant 1,500 trees (2 hectares), 40 kilos of seeds (40 hectares) and place protective stones to prevent soil erosion. The event marked one year since the Bank donated €10,000 to support the reforestation of the burned forests.

Executive Director of RCB Bank, Mr. Sotos Zackheos, who joined the team together with the Director of the Forests Department Mr. Takis Tsintides, said that “the initiative is compatible with the overall green philosophy and team spirit of a growing RCB Bank Ltd”.

“We pledge to continue the effort to restore and preserve the natural beauty of Cyprus for future generations”, Mr. Zackheos said.