16 March, 2020

Uninterrupted service to RCB Bank Clients During the COVID-19 Handling

Dear Customers,

Following the measures taken by the government of Cyprus in response to the COVID-19 crisis, we deem necessary to inform you that RCB Bank Ltd will continue to provide its products and services with absolutely no interruption while always remaining true to its core values of trust, responsibility and excellence.

Our state of the art online banking and mobile banking platforms are at your disposal to conduct your transactions from the comfort of your home or office while our network of branches and international business centers will of course be fully functional as always and at your disposal.

In an effort to increase the accessibility of our clients to ATMs, we are pleased to announce that as of Monday 16th, 2020 all RCB Bank clients will be able to withdraw cash with their RCB cards from any ATM of any bank in Cyprus, at no extra charge until further notice and during the period of dealing with the virus containment effort and as part of the social distancing that has been instructed by the local authorities.

RCB Bank places the health and safety of its human capital as a top priority and in this regard, measures have already been taken and are in place to safeguard their well-being at the maximum possible degree. At the same time, the provision of a high level of service with no interruptions to all our valued customers constitutes RCB Bank’s firm commitment that we have and will always honour.

Thanking you, we remain, as always, at your disposal.

Yours faithfully,
RCB Bank Ltd