Identity verification for e-Government Portal Ariadni via RCB Online Banking user profile

13 November, 2020

It’s now safer, faster and easier to start using the official e-government services, as citizens can confirm their identity online, following the collaboration between RCB Bank and the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy.

Completing registration on Ariadni/CY Login Portal is now possible via RCB Online Banking user profile authentication. As a result it is no longer necessary for the citizens to visit Government offices as they can register on-line and authenticate their profile for e-services (

Enabling users to authenticate their identity using technology, is a crucial component of turning a huge challenge like the pandemic into a great opportunity in the context of efforts towards e-government and digital transformation. In addition, RCB Bank strategically aims at simplicity, offering customers a better online user experience when registering for vital governmental services such as grants & benefits, pensions, taxation, land & property, employment etc.

Head of Merchant Acquiring, Open Banking and Digital Payment Services, Harry Xenophontos said that this initiative is fully in line with the goal of using digital technologies to handle government services, while contributing to the simplification of public service procedures. “RCB recognizes the increasing interest and urgent needs of the government to interact electronically and rapidly evolve its e-services on a larger scale. The good practices put forward ensure that end users will get access to the digital tools that can play such an important role for their daily needs.”

Deputy Minister to the President for Research, Innovation & Digital Policy Kyriacos Kokkinos said that the development of e-Government is on top of the Government’s priorities and is of vital importance for the creation of a modern, efficient and friendly state towards the citizen, a state which is competitive at the European and international level. It presupposes the constant development and constant emergence of new possibilities, services and products. "Therefore, we welcome the cooperation with RCB Bank, in the service of the public interest, which has the potential to make a decisive contribution to facilitating the service and improving the daily lives of citizens," said Mr. Kokkinos.