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Russian Commercial Bank (Cyprus) changes name

19 November, 2013

Following a decision passed at a meeting of the shareholders of the Russian Commercial Bank (Cyprus) Limited the Bank is changing its name. The Bank’s new legal name is “RCB BANK LTD”. The new name was registered with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies on 15 November 2013.

The Bank’s name has been changed as part of the new positioning of the Bank as an international financial institution that provides services to corporate and private clients not only in Cyprus but also abroad.

Changing the Bank’s name to RCB BANK LTD is a logical step in the implementation of the Bank’s business model that is focused on dynamic growth and expanding its range of services and geography. The Bank has been operating successfully in Cyprus for almost 20 years and has evolved from a small international banking institution into one of Cyprus’ largest banks.  Over that time our customers and partners from various countries have become familiar with the RCB brand and they trust it. This trust was vindicated during the acute phase of the crisis in Cyprus and the dramatic events that accompanied it.  The consequences of these events, both for us and our customers, are now behind us.

The Bank’s new name reflects the international positioning of RCB BANK LTD, which, based on its success in Cyprus, is aimed at providing high-quality reliable banking services to respond to the needs of clients from various countries.

The official notification confirming the name change to the Bank’s customers was posted on the Bank’s website at on 19 November 2013.